Testimonial 1We have known and trained with Esther for the last 6-years. Before we began training with her we had a history of injury and seemed to be going nowhere with our fitness levels.

Once we began with Esther we immediately noticed a huge change in our training as she was able to assess our specific needs and develop training which not only strengthened our weaknesses and increased our fitness level, but also prevented further injuries occurring.

We regard Esther as an enthusiastic and dedicated professional in her field. Her programs are challenging, diverse and always interesting. No two sessions are ever the same so we are never bored. Her knowledge in clinical physiology guarantees that the workouts are safe and specific to our individual needs. She is constantly updating her knowledge base which translates to better and more efficient sessions for us. We regard Esther as a highly motivated and competent trainer. Her own participation in competitive triathlons gives her the ability to understand and empathize with our goals and limitations. We are constantly surprised with how far we have come in our fitness and strength levels and credit Esther in providing workouts which keep raising that standard.”

Miriam Gandolfo & Eliana GervasiAustralia

Testimonial 2I had a severe leg injury back around 2006 and was looking for a trainer that would assist in the rehab that was required to get my body back in shape. After looking and trying a couple of trainers, I spoke to Esther and we spoke about my Rehab needs, as Esther is an exercise physiologist her approach and dedication was what I was looking for.

I have trained with Esther ever since. Esther helps with goal setting and changes the sessions to help assist in meeting these goals. She has assisted in getting me fit enough to walk the Kokoda track, undertake the Eureka Tower climb and compete in several triathlons.

Along the way Esther has assisted me in the recovery from broken ribs and a shoulder re-construction.

Esther is great a trainer, every session is different. If you are looking for a trainer I can’t recommend her highly enough

John PilbeamAustralia

I have been training with Esther since 2003 until she left Singapore to further studies in Australia 2004.

The first training was very tough for me, as I had been not exercising for such a long period of time. Esther was patient in discussing with me of what I need to expect from the training. She also discussed with me about my past exercising experience, my work schedule and also whether I have any health problem before. Although this is our first appointment, she has made me feel very comfortable working with her. Thereafter, she will custom-made a programme suitable for me. During me workout, she will always assist me and also ensure that I am doing the correct way to prevent me from suffering any injuries and keep encouraging me when I almost wanted to give up. She has not only helped me build up my stamina, a better understanding of my body, my diet but most importantly, my Confidence! Through her training, I have learnt that I am able to do things that thought I couldn’t. Esther’s training has changed my way of life and her professionalism, care and concern will always be with me

Linda TngSingapore

Testimonial 4In April 2003, I faced the fact I was slowly gaining weight. Pants were becoming tighter and I was lacking more and more energy. I decided to join the gym and a great move because I met Esther, who over the next 8-months became my personal trainer. Esther regularly assessed my physical fitness level, body composition, diet and lifestyle then would set a 6-8 weeks fitness programme for me to follow. What it achieved was a slow and steady progress that motivated and inspired me to continue and improve further. Obviously starting out, I had many questions (perhaps too many), and while at first I may not have listened fully to her advice, I soon gained a great respect to do so.

While Esther’s qualifications speak for themselves, her knowledge in regard to physical fitness from cardio exercise to heart rates to muscles growth to stretching and cool-down is quite mind blowing. Her outgoing persona and own physical achievements alone inspire all in the gym.

Three days ago, I completed the Singapore Marathon (7th December 2003). I could not have done this physically or mentally without Esther’s constant advice, guidance and moral support. Esther has taught me physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but has instilled within me a drive and enjoyment to maintain it

Weight – 85.5kg
Body Fat % – 27%

After (Completed 2003 Singapore Marathon):
Weight – 77.9kg
Body Fat % – 23.7%

David ChambersSingapore

I wanted to improve my overall fitness and general well-being so I made my first appointment with Esther. Very quickly she helped to determine my current fitness level and to set achievable goals for improvement in relation to an exercise program and nutritional diet.  She took into consideration the many lifestyle factors and commitments that often act as barriers and she provided support and encouragement to help me overcome these.  Since my first visit to Esther, my running has improved considerably and I have achieved my initial short term goal of running 5km.  Esther’s feedback helped improve my style (to reduce injuries) and my stamina and her nutritional advice has also enabled me to make smarter choices at the supermarket which has translated to more well balanced meals and some weight loss.  I would not have been able to make these changes without Esther’s involvement and with my improved knowledge and commitment I know will now be able to maintain this program

Michelle ClarkeAustralia