Kinetic Link Training

What’s the difference between my method of training and other trainers? This is the question I have been asked all the time from new clienteles.

2-years ago, I attended this workshop runs by Wayne Rogers, a sports physiotherapist. In the workshop, it covered:

* The very latest strength and conditioning principles in relation to functional resistance training.

* Development of functional training programs for all clients: rehabilitation, occupational conditioning or sports performance.

* Training movement patterns, not individual muscles (including KLT’s 22 essential, distinct movement patterns).

* A fully balanced functional strength and conditioning programs by using a proven and precise system of training.

So, what is Kinetic Link Training (KLT – Functional Strength and Conditioning)?

“Whilst isolation training is incredibly popular in traditional gym training programs and has a legitimate role to play in the rehabilitation of an inhibited muscle, KLT, which utilises full body integrated movement patterns, is a more efficient and highly effective approach to strengthening…”

It’s a revolutionise approach to functional strength training and core conditioning. High quality rehabilitation and resistance training should stimulate adaptation in both the local (inner unit) and global (outer unit) muscle systems…Comeford, Mottram, Hodges, Vleeming & Lee.

Muscles of the entire body must integrate together for efficient normal function and optimal core control.