Pelvic Floor and Exercise – Part 1

I came across most mums would love to start some sort of an exercise regime as soon as they got an all cleared from their GPs, that is at 6-weeks mark. I am one of them. As a mum to a 2-year old and also an aged group triathlete, I can’t wait to get back into training and hope to race again, that is my mind set. However, this took me a while to start to really train properly for the first 3-months as I can’t really run longer distance or jumping especially lateral movement, I was struggling to activate my pelvic floor muscles and sometimes I feel a bit discomfort down there.  Then, roughly about 5-months, I thought I was ok with the pelvic floor until sometimes when I cough or sneeze, I could wet my pants. That was pretty embarrassing especially when I am out and about. Bear in mind that I was doing lots of transverse abdominus (TvA) and pelvic floor activation since my lil one was born. I was amazed it had so much impact on the pelvic floor after. Came 6-months, I felt really good with the pelvic floor and started to train a little bit more. I was really happy with the results and I managed to race a very short distance.
Here are the facts to all the mummies out there and mummies to be:
* Your body needs at least 6-months to recover and longer if you have C-sec and also to be fully restored to pre-pregnancy physiology.
* 6-months is the time to restore the connective tissue support.
* If you are breastfeeding – it takes longer too.
In conclusion, you will need to wait for at least 6-months and start slowly to return to higher intensity exercise. Best is to perform 6-12-weeks of slow impact exercise and rehab your pelvic floor and TvA and if you have recti diastasis, deep abdominal rehab is a MUST.
Clinical exercise prescription and rehabilitation is the best way to return to activity. I am glad that I managed to gain back the pelvic floor strength pretty soon after without any major complications through smart and effective exercises.
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